How to have FANTASTIC clients lining up to spend money with your photography business

This webinar has now ended - but we have a new one coming up. Stay tuned!

Running a photography business? Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You’re one of MANY photographers in your area offering a similar service
  • Many of the enquiries you receive don’t result in a booking
  • You feel you have to compete on price in order to secure clients
  • You long to work with clients who truly value photography and aren’t just looking for a good deal
  • You find the ‘business’ side of things completely overwhelming at times
  • You’re sick of constantly comparing yourself to other photographers and feeling you don’t measure up
  • You’re just starting out in the industry and you want to get things right


If you could identify with one of more of the statements above then, honestly, join the queue. Even the photographers you stalk and envy on Facebook are riddled with these insecurities. Running a photography business in 2017 is a tough gig. 

Your town is probably swarming with professional photographers and a new one is joining the gang every other week. You wonder if it’s even possible to be profitable and fulfilled running a photography business these days when everyone is just looking for a bargain on a bunch of jpegs, right?

But is everyone really looking for a bargain? Or are there maybe some clients out there who care more about WHAT you do and HOW you do it than they care about price? Do these clients even exist?

Yes, they exist. And they are all yours if you know how to treat them. 

Join me for an intensive online masterclass during which you’ll learn all about the journey you should be taking these clients on from start to finish. A journey that creates loyal brand ambassadors who are delighted to spend their money with your business. Even if you’re more expensive!