Finding your photography style and becoming known for it - TiB Live with Sujata Setia

Finding your photography style and becoming known for it - TiB Live with Sujata Setia

Do you struggle finding your photography style? It seems like a never ending journey doesn’t it?

You’re probably already familiar with Sujata Setia’s magical imagery. Although Sujata only started her business in 2014, she has since become known internationally for her photography style and her teaching. She travels all over the world delivering value with her wicked sense of humour (don't be surprised if there's the odd f-bomb or two).

Video about finding your photography style

Sujata has 38,000 followers on Facebook and 28,000 on Instagram. She has been featured in Forbes, Good Housekeeping and Country Living to name just a few.

But what does it take to build such a strong business and personal brand at the same time as honing your craft and becoming a true artist? All in the space of just 3 years?

Video about finding your photography style

Well dive into the interview with Sujata and prepare yourself for golden nugget after golden nugget. She talks about what finding your photography style really means and how it happens. She shares her marketing secrets and what she believes it TRULY takes to rise above the noise today.

Not only that, I know you will also get huge comfort from Sujata's complete honesty about her journey, her inner demons and and how she keeps moving forward.

Video about finding your photography style

Here’s the Lowdown

  • How photography saved Sujata from her crippling post natal depression
  • Why Sujata has never, even in the early days, done a free shoot
  • How Sujata established herself and her photography business quickly in the crowded London market
  • Sujata’s approach to marketing her business
  • How Sujata found her signature style and her advice to those looking for their own
  • The importance of personal projects and shooting for yourself
  • Sujata’s quick shooting and post processing workflow
  • How Sujata has increased her prices
  • How you can get media coverage for your business and go viral
  • Sujata’s key to success on social media
Video about finding your photography style


You can find out all about Sujata's shoots and workshops here -

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Here is the Bored Panda article mentioned -

Video about finding your photography style

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