How to upload images to Facebook for best quality

Do you want your images to look as good as possible on Facebook but Facebook keeps trashing them and making them look soft and flat? It is so frustrating isn't it!? Well hopefully this video will help you to understand how to upload images to Facebook for best quality.

Big thanks and shout-out to Michael Carver for testing this last week and sharing with the Tea Break Tog Facebook community!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or anything to add...


Do you want your images to look as good as possible on Facebook but Facebook keeps trashing them and making them look soft and flat?

So annoying!

Hopefully this video will help.

You see, images on facebook can’t be more than 2048 pixels wide. That is what Facebook considers high quality.

So it makes sense that if you want your images to look their best on Facebook then you want to make use of those 2048 pixels.

It won’t make much of a difference when someone is looking at your image on a phone or tablet but if they are looking on a macbook pro retina screen? That’s when those 2048 pixels will make all the difference for sure.

If you upload an image that is wider than 2048 pixels then Facebook will resize it to 2048 pixels for you anyway.

So if you want this high quality you have two options;

You can just upload your full res images and allow Facebook to do the grunt work of resizing them for you.


You can resize your images to 2048 pixels yourself before uploading them.

But which is the best option?

Well Michael Carver (who is a fellow admin of our Tea Break Tog Facebook community) put this to the test last week and shared the results with us.

He uploaded the same image twice. One was the full res version straight from the camera at over 7000 pixels wide and the other he resized to 2048 pixels.

So, as expected, Facebook resized the large image to 2048 pixels anyway so they were both the same size in terms of pixels.

But were they the same in terms of quality?


On a phone or tablet you wouldn’t see much of a difference but on my macbook I could see a very pronounced difference in sharpness. The image that Michael resized himself was much sharper.

This is basically because facebook doesn’t care much about how your image looks. It just wants to get it down to a manageable size for the platform.

Best you take care of that resizing instead - that way you will get as little of that brutal Facebook compression as possible.

So if you want your image to be shown to people at the highest quality possible on Facebook then simply resize it yourself to 2048 pixels along the longest edge.

And thanks to Michael Carver for sharing the results of your test with us - you’re awesome. I have put a link in the notes to Michael’s work. You should really check it out.

Some will say that uploading your image as a png file instead of a jpeg will improve the quality. I think that perhaps that was true in the past but I have compared it recently and really didn’t see a difference. Let me know in the comments if you have anything to share on that.

AND … before I go!

This test of Michael’s really threw up another worthy topic.

And that is;

Do you really want to upload high resolution images like this to Facebook? Can’t people then just print them?

But that’s for next time…

Get involved in the comments guys. Tell me - how do you feel about facebook’s compression and do you have any tips to share with us?

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